Bikini Contest

Rules No indecent exposure. No matter how nice your boobies may be… we don’t want to see them we are a FAMILY EVENT. Anybody exposing themselves will be immediately disqualified. (We have a wet T-Shirt contest Saturday at the after party if you want to show off your assets) This contest will be judged on 3 criteria. First how good you look in the bikini, second the creativity/originality of the bikini, and third how well you present yourself for the contest. There will be 2-4 judges. Their votes will make up 2/3s of the voting value. The other 1/3 will be based on audience reaction. Each contestant will be given 15 seconds to shake what they got and generate reactions from the judges and audience. Because of this the contest will be limited to 30 contestants. Get there EARLY to sign up… slots are given on a first come first served basis. Prizes are as follows: $300 cash to the 1st place winner, $200 cash to second place, $100 Cash to third place. We must have at least 5 contestants to pay out contestants.