Hydraulic Contest

Rules Must register during the designated registration times. Judges decisions are final. Failure to comply with their decisions could result in disqualification from said event and future events as well. Fire Marshall shall have final judgment on all safety issues, even if not stated in these rules. Heat Wave judges may stop the hop at anytime for anything they consider unsafe. Failure to comply will result in disqualification. All gas caps must be tightened and in place. Hopping only allowed in the designated area at designated time. Any other hopping will disqualify entrant. Battery to the engine must be secured. Only 2 people per hopper are allowed in designated area. All other people must be outside the designated area. Entry may be disqualified if vehicle owner fails to abide by these rules. Disconnect must be accessible if trunk is closed. After entrant has been called to hop, they have 2 minutes to begin. The rules may be modified as deemed necessary per each event in order to maintain safety and integrity of the competition. You must have three or more in each class to qualify for total prize money! Single and Double Pump Rules A vehicle with one pump to the front is considered a single pump. Any vehicle with 2 pumps is considered a double pump. All set-ups must be visible for inspection. Limit on batteries: 8 for single pump / 12 for double pump. All must be connected and have a quick disconnect. All rear components and front suspension must be in good visible shape and in its original mounting positions. All bushings must be in good shape. Trailing arms may be reinforced. Upper a-arms may be extended. Lower a-arms may not be extended but may be reinforced. Front suspension limiting devices are allowed (cable, chain, strap, etc.) No extra weight of any kind may be added to frame or vehicle. Judges must have access to vehicle set-up at any time. Lock up height or distance between mounts cannot exceed 32 inches for single pump / 36 inches for double pump. Radical Hop Rules The hop height will be judged from the bottom of the front tire. Vehicle will only be measured from its highest jump (not from the combination of jump and counterweight pulling). If vehicle gets stuck, the last hop that it successfully completed will be scored. Any vehicle in radical class for any reason will follow radical hop rules. No more than 16 batteries are allowed. No extra weight of any kind may be added to frame or vehicle. Judges must have access to vehicle set-up at any time. All vehicles must have all parts attached. Front fenders may be trimmed for tire clearance. No body lift kits allowed. No bottom plates. All batteries must be connected and have quick disconnect. Heat Wave judges have the final say in any and all matters. Please work with us to make this an enjoyable hop, not only for the exhibitors but spectators as well. Good sportsmanship will help us continue to bring you these shows for years to come.


The highest lowrider hop 414.65 cm (163.25 in) and was achieved by Robert White in Austin, Texas, with David MacDonald on left.