Guidelines for all Heat Wave Shows Children 12 and under are free, when accompanied by an adult. Outside food and/or drinks are NOT allowed through the Spectator Entrance. Pets are allowed on show grounds, but not inside buildings. Pets must be on a leash. Owner is responsible for keeping them cool and hydrated. Tickets are sold at the gate as well as online before the event. Media pass are required for photo and video publication. Send an email to for more information. Vehicles registered for INSIDE must arrive on Friday by 8pm to be inside. Less than 1/4 tank of gas upon entry and battery must be disconnected until Sunday after the awards presentation. Golf cars are rented through Kenfield Golf Cars. Reservations can be made by calling 512-258-8515 (Austin event only).
"You" and "Your" means any sponsor, vendor, entrant, participant, competitor, or spectator and their respective company, employees directors, agents, assistants, affiliates, and sponsors. "Us", "We" and "Our" means Heat Wave Inc in all forms, and its employees, directors, agents, assistants, affiliates, and sponsors. Sharing/renting/donating booth space is prohibited. Soliciting of any kind is prohibited, unless permitted through Your purchase of a booth or You have received Our written permission. If You are found doing so, You will be escorted from the premises with NO REFUND. Liability: You hereby discharge Us from any and all know and unknown damages, lost/stolen/damaged merchandise and or property, injury that may occur to You, losses, claims from any cause whatsoever that You may suffer. Further, You agree to indemnify Us from all liability resulting from Your conduct or participation at the event. Damages: Full or partial damage to tents, generators or other property due to Your negligence, or damage to the property because of Your vandalism, malicious mischief or theft shall cause You to be liable for the damages suffered. We reserve the right to restrict You from any and all Our activities. You are subject to eviction from the premises if We deem Your behavior to be objectionable for any reason. Objections include, but are not limited to: environmental damage You or Your vehicle(s) cause, or when Your appearance, vehicle, property, printed material, or conduct is considered to be unbecoming to the image the show projects. In the event of Your eviction or restriction, You will not receive a refund. In the event We find it necessary to sue in the court of law in order to enforce collection of moneys stipulated herein or otherwise to enforce the terms of this agreement You agree to pay reasonable attorney fees pursuant to such actions. Refunds: No refunds shall be issued, except for the following conditions. Sponsorships, booths, and associated fees may be refunded based on cancellation date: 100% Refund - 90 days before show date 50% Refund - 60 days before show date 0% Refund - less than 60 days before show date Our sole discretion You warrant that You have read and agree to these terms.
Rules Must register during the designated registration times. Judges decisions are final. Failure to comply with their decisions could result in disqualification from said event and future events as well. Fire Marshall shall have final judgment on all safety issues, even if not stated in these rules. Heat Wave judges may stop the hop at anytime for anything they consider unsafe. Failure to comply will result in disqualification. All gas caps must be tightened and in place. Hopping only allowed in the designated area at designated time. Any other hopping will disqualify entrant. Battery to the engine must be secured. Only 2 people per hopper are allowed in designated area. All other people must be outside the designated area. Entry may be disqualified if vehicle owner fails to abide by these rules. Disconnect must be accessible if trunk is closed. After entrant has been called to hop, they have 2 minutes to begin. The rules may be modified as deemed necessary per each event in order to maintain safety and integrity of the competition. You must have three or more in each class to qualify for total prize money! Single and Double Pump Rules A vehicle with one pump to the front is considered a single pump. Any vehicle with 2 pumps is considered a double pump. All set-ups must be visible for inspection. Limit on batteries: 8 for single pump / 12 for double pump. All must be connected and have a quick disconnect. All rear components and front suspension must be in good visible shape and in its original mounting positions. All bushings must be in good shape. Trailing arms may be reinforced. Upper a-arms may be extended. Lower a-arms may not be extended but may be reinforced. Front suspension limiting devices are allowed (cable, chain, strap, etc.) No extra weight of any kind may be added to frame or vehicle. Judges must have access to vehicle set-up at any time. Lock up height or distance between mounts cannot exceed 32 inches for single pump / 36 inches for double pump. Radical Hop Rules The hop height will be judged from the bottom of the front tire. Vehicle will only be measured from its highest jump (not from the combination of jump and counterweight pulling). If vehicle gets stuck, the last hop that it successfully completed will be scored. Any vehicle in radical class for any reason will follow radical hop rules. No more than 16 batteries are allowed. No extra weight of any kind may be added to frame or vehicle. Judges must have access to vehicle set-up at any time. All vehicles must have all parts attached. Front fenders may be trimmed for tire clearance. No body lift kits allowed. No bottom plates. All batteries must be connected and have quick disconnect. Heat Wave judges have the final say in any and all matters. Please work with us to make this an enjoyable hop, not only for the exhibitors but spectators as well. Good sportsmanship will help us continue to bring you these shows for years to come.
Rules No indecent exposure. No matter how nice your boobies may be… we don’t want to see them we are a FAMILY EVENT. Anybody exposing themselves will be immediately disqualified. (We have a wet T-Shirt contest Saturday at the after party if you want to show off your assets) This contest will be judged on 3 criteria. First how good you look in the bikini, second the creativity/originality of the bikini, and third how well you present yourself for the contest. There will be 2-4 judges. Their votes will make up 2/3s of the voting value. The other 1/3 will be based on audience reaction. Each contestant will be given 15 seconds to shake what they got and generate reactions from the judges and audience. Because of this the contest will be limited to 30 contestants. Get there EARLY to sign up… slots are given on a first come first served basis. Prizes are as follows: $300 cash to the 1st place winner, $200 cash to second place, $100 Cash to third place. We must have at least 5 contestants to pay out contestants.
Information Once you have arrived and registered for the show, your vehicle will be classed by our staff and parked in a designated area. Judging is on Saturday and Sunday. If you want your club to park together, you must wait for them all and enter the show area together. We will not save spaces for anyone. If you have 10 or more vehicles and want to reserve an area for your club, please contact our office for more information. Also, we ask that you please do not move your vehicle before 6:00pm or you may risk being disqualified. Best Of awards will be judged on Saturday between 3:00pm and 7:00pm. If you want to be considered for any of these awards, you must not move your vehicle until 7:00pm on Saturday. There will be NO registration on Sunday after 11am. Show entries must be back in the show area no later than 10:00am on Sunday morning to ensure your vehicle is judged and eligible for an award. Registration 2018 Registration Judging Points Your vehicle will be judged according to specific classes. Please leave the vehicle’s interior, engine, trunk, etc. open and accessible for judging purposes. If a judge is unable to get to a certain area of your vehicle, you will receive 0 points for that area. The judges will not be able to come back to your vehicle later to re-judge an area. 70 points for exterior 65 points for interior 15 points for overall display, workmanship and cleanliness Total of 150 possible points Do not remove any dots, marks or paperwork from your vehicle that are needed for judging purposes. If you have any other issues, you must contact the head judge or classifier before 11:00am on Sunday. Anyone’s conduct that is threatening or detrimental to the staff, participants, vendors or spectators will result in disqualification and being asked to leave the event. We reserve the right to make changes as necessary. Judging Rules Your vehicle MUST stay parked until 6:00pm on Saturday and until after the awards presentation on Sunday. If you move before then, you are subject to disqualification. Also, if you are not back in the show area by 10:00am on Sunday you risk not being judged and there will be no exceptions if this is the case. Do not remove any papers, stickers or markings from your vehicle that may be needed for the judging process. This could result in improper judging of your vehicle or disqualification. Do not bother the judges while they are judging your vehicle or anyone else. Please park where the parking attendants tell you to park. Doing so will help reduce the wait in line and the problem of over-crowding or running out of space. This is such a huge event that there is no time for delays or interruptions. Judging Results You are welcome to ask questions after the awards presentation. We will be answering questions one at a time in an orderly fashion. After the event, if you would like a copy of your judging sheet, you must send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Heat Wave Inc., P.O. Box 2177 Pflugerville Texas 78691 or email us at Please include your full name and vehicle entry # in the request.
USACi Rules All USACi rules will apply. There must be at least 3 entries in each class for that class to be eligible for a ring (Spring Break Jam show only). In the event of a tie, there must be a tie breaker run off. In the event that USACi or the USACi director changes classes there must be an official letter that is signed by Heat Wave Inc. stating that the official list of ring classes will be changed.If USACi or their director fails to produce this document, there will be no changes to the ring winner classes. The competitor is responsible to make sure all of their scores are documented on the entry form. Failure to get this information from the USACi judge could result in disqualification from receiving the ring even if the USACi score results show that you are the first place winner. In the event you are a class winner that is eligible to win a ring, it is the responsibility of the competitor to fill out a ring order form. This will be done at the awards presentation at the show.If you are not sure of your ring size, you can call into the HWI office no later than 10 days after the show to let them know what it is (Spring Break Jam show only). All rings are custom made and will be made according to what you fill out on the ring order form. HWI and USACi will not be responsible for any errors on your ring order form. In the event that HWI or the ring manufacturer makes a mistake on your ring, you will not be charged for the repairs or replacement (Spring Break Jam show only). All awards and rings are given out by HWI. HWI receives the official score and winners list from USACi before the awards presentation. For any award or ring questions, please contact HWI. Score or audio questions must be handled through the USACi main office or the USACi director that was at the event. There will be NO CHANGES to the ring list after the awards presentation is over. This will be the FINAL list and no exceptions will be made thereafter (Spring Break Jam show only).

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