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The most exciting event in Corpus Christi is about to go down! As the final installment in our Feel The Heat Tour 2018, Heat Wave Inc. is proud to host yet another thrilling custom car and truck show for all custom car enthusiasts to enjoy. On November 10th-11th, mini truck enthusiasts, hydraulic junkies, audiophiles, and other automobile lovers will come together to celebrate a shared passion for custom vehicles. If you’ve been looking for the ideal opportunity to showcase all of the hard work that you’ve put into your car or truck, this is the event for you!

Among The Best Events In Corpus Christi

Heat Wave Inc. enjoys a reputation for putting on the most engaging, entertaining, and downright exciting custom car and truck shows in the nation. The Corpus Christi Heatwave concludes our series of car exhibitions spread throughout the springtime to the fall, starting with the classic Spring Break Jam in South Padre Island. Those who are dedicated to their custom vehicles are extremely familiar with the custom car and truck community, congregating with fellow like-minded enthusiasts.

David MacDonald, the man behind Heat Wave Inc., is an esteemed Mini Truck Hall of Fame inductee that’s worked hard over the years to put on the events that he feels passionate about. He wants to thank you for your interest in the Corpus Christi Heatwave Custom Truck & Car Show, and also thank those who are involved in the community for their continued dedication and participation. Truly, David gets to do what he loves.

More About The Corpus Christi Heatwave

This will sound obvious to those who are familiar with custom car and truck expositions, but the Corpus Christi Heatwave not only features the best modified vehicles in the nation, but also the opportunity to compete against other enthusiasts for awesome rewards and cash prizes! Attendees tend to find a little amusement in our classic statement: “If it has wheels it can be registered for our event.” Whether you have a Ford Model A or a brand new 2018 Mustang, you are more than welcome to participate and register your vehicle. It’s that simple!

Here are some of the many exciting competitions and things to do at our custom car and truck show in Texas:

  • Burnout contests
  • USACi Car Audio competitions
  • Bikini contests
  • Hydraulic contests (you really don’t want to miss out on this!)
  • Ink at our tattoo expo
  • And more!

Whether you’d like to simply hang out and compare your custom car modifications with fellow enthusiasts or you’re trying to do it all by hitting all of our mini events and contests, it’s hard to go wrong when you attend the Corpus Christi Heatwave. In 2017, we enjoyed a great turnout and we know that 2018 is going to bring even more vehicles, fellow enthusiasts, and plenty of burning rubber! For our custom car and truck families, know that children 12 years of age and under are completely free to attend the final installment of our annual Heatwave series. It doesn’t get much better than that! Feel free to contact Heat Wave Inc. with any questions.