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Massive engines. Burning rubber. The hottest custom rides in all of South-Central Texas. What more could you want? Heat Wave Inc. is proud to present yet another Texas Heat Wave Custom Truck & Car Show & Tattoo Expo! On July 26-28, you’ll want to be at the Travis County Expo Center in Austin, TX for a can’t-miss, adrenaline-fueled weekend designed by gearheads, for gearheads!

If you’re a custom car or truck enthusiast and you’d like to show off your ride, our upcoming custom truck show and custom car expo in Austin is the perfect opportunity to get the visibility that you’ve been looking for. Park your custom vehicle(s) for the weekend, chat with fellow enthusiasts, take part in our exciting contests over the weekend, and celebrate all things automotive-related!

Here’s what’s going down at our annual local car show in Austin:

  • Motorcycle stunts
  • BMX freestyle stunts
  • Burnout contests
  • Monster truck exhibitions
  • Lawnmower racing
  • Mini bike racing
  • Bikini contests
  • Our famous hydraulic contest
  • And more!

Our main point about all the hype surrounding the Texas Heat Wave Custom Truck & Car Show? There’s something for everyone! Whether you like to test your hire’s hands at burning rubber at our exciting burnout contest or watch monster trucks jump over obstacles, it’s all here at Austin’s best custom vehicle expo!

Mini Truck Enthusiasts And Beyond, Come Together For An Unforgettable Weekend!

If you’re a mini truck enthusiast — or really, any custom car or truck enthusiast who’s passionate about their vehicle and showcasing your hard work to other people here in South-Central Texas — you simply won’t find another local car show like the Heat Wave. David MacDonald, founder of Heat Wave Inc. and a Mini Truck Hall of Fame inductee, has held a deep passion for the mini truck and custom car community for decades. Through his series of local car shows in Texas, his respect and value for fellow enthusiasts in the community have only strengthened over the years.

So, on behalf of David and the team here at Heat Wave Inc., we cordially invite you to another exciting weekend full of laughter, smiles, loud engines, and a lot of, “Wow, I can’t believe that car is jumping that high!” Whether you’d like to become a sponsor or vendor, you’re itching to show off your mini truck as a participant or you’re simply looking to attend the Texas Heat Wave Custom Truck & Car Show as a humble spectator, our car show promoters at Heat Wave Inc. have you covered. We look forward to seeing you out in the Texas heat!